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Kindle Flame says "Here I Come"

New Single Has Landed

Natural ability, a strong will, and intense determination has propelled Kindle Flame forward to this point in his career. While he has achieved so much with GOD, there’s still a great deal he wants to accomplish in the world of music.
"I serve GOD! Sometimes its ugly, sometimes its beautiful....but it has Never Changed!"



Kevon McCready (Born, August,11,1979) known to his friends and family as Killa, as he maneuvered through his home town Crisfield, MD. Fully renewed by the light, he now goes by the name “Kindle Flame”. “The Church Has knowledge but NO Flame, I feel like GOD sent me to kindle the flame” quoted by Kindle Flame. Flame represents the new generation of Christian rappers. Emerged as a true original, with experience, in all aspects of music. 2017 marks the 20 years of Flames career as an independent artist, and 11 years engineering experience. Flame is now Chief Executive Operator at Flame Studio. Flame’s environment cultivated his interest in music, and in it, what he discovered empowered him. Flame is a minister, counselor, father, husband, business owner, he is the future. Studied in biology and secondary education at, Morgan State University. Flame has completed 3 complete albums and 5 mixtapes available to you, for your convenience online. Along with video’s and short recorded bible sessions. Flame is currently working on two projects. Flesh Die 2 (mixtape) and Souls=Money (Album) which will be available on all digital outlets, once released. “SOULS=MONEY Lets Get It”, quoted by Kindle Flame.

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Crisfield MD United States 21817

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